About Us

SanomaVentures is the venturing arm of Sanoma Corporation, the European media & learning group. SanomaVentures is aimed at investing and supporting the development of young enterprises in media & marketing, e-commerce and education.

SanomaVentures invests in initiatives that have passed the initial starting-up phase and are now entering their first growth phase, where the expertise, network and media of Sanoma can add substantial value.


SanomaVentures has offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Helsinki, Finland and invests in new initiatives in the following segments:

Media & Marketing
  • Online consumer services
  • Mobile- & video-related applications
  • Advertising & Marketing services
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Marketplaces
  • E-commerce enabling services
  • Interactive educational content services
  • Learning management systems
  • Professional development services

Criteria that SanomaVentures uses in assessing investment opportunities:

  • Quality and complementary of management team
  • Unique proposition with sustainable competitive advantage
  • The (international) scalability of the activity
  • The revenue- and profit potential of the business model
  • Realistic roadmap of organizational-, product- and business development
  • The fit and added value with regard to the activities of Sanoma
What we offer

SanomaVentures offers starting companies:

  • Working capital (€0.1 mln to €1.0 mln)
  • Consumer media reach & exposure (TV, online/mobile, print, events)
  • In-depth industry/domain knowledge, product development and marketing & sales expertise
  • Network of corporate clients, partners, financial investors and entrepreneurs
  • Financial and strategic guidance


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